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I was on youtube just now looking at videos and I see a video about a guy who was in jail because he didn't pay child support for a kid who isn't his. So this gets me thinking and I surf around on the internet for a while, I find that there are numerous cases where, women assault men and aren't punished at all for it. There is an article where a guy is assaulted by a women he doesn't defend himself until nearly a minute and then he grabs a punch and pins her. He is then jumped on by several people who did absolutely NOTHING as he was assaulted. After several minutes of beating him up, they let him limp away, yes limp, and charge HIM with assault. The people who beat him up apparently justify this by saying they were protecting an 'innocent' women. There are ads where guys are RAPED by women and no one so much as bats an eyelid. RAPE in some countries isn't even called RAPE unless the attacker is MALE. There is a study and a video where a guy is abused, MORE THAN ONE FUCKING HUNDRED AND FIFTY PEOPLE walk FUCKING by and one of them was a FUCKING POLICE OFFICER, a BITCH in the video actually cheers her on as she beats him.In Australia, there is a day to teach violence against women is wrong, yet there is no such day for violence against men. There is a T-Shirt which says "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" numerous people SUPPORT the T-Shirt, including a Professor at a university. THE DICTIONARY still classifies RAPE as a crime committed by MEN. A Indian game show has a women slap a guy and when a slaps her back, TWENTY GUYS come and beat him black and blue, The video is famous because people thought it was funny to see a grown man cry while being beaten up by TWENTY guys. C'mon people, I used to think that we were gender equal, now I don't now anymore, honest to god, I DON'T FUCKING KNOW.


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